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Manufacturing makes modern life possible. Join us as we explore breaking news in manufacturing and interview key, industry-leading executives from all over the world. Topics discussed this year will include innovation, globalization, international trade, research and development, funding, software, new product development, and environmental issues. Why do some companies thrive in this highly competitive arena? What is their strategy…What is their competitive edge? Tune in to find out!


Technology is ever changing; it shapes the world, how we live and how we conduct business. Join us as we examine new technological breakthroughs and interview leading innovators from the global, high-tech sector. Technology trends discussed will include data and all that it represents, analytics, the impact of cloud computing, the move to mobile and tablets, and the driving force of apps. What technologies give you and your organizations the competitive edge? Tune in to find out!


Recent medical developments help all of us live a longer, more enjoyable life. Today we will discuss emerging medical innovations and techniques that offer amazing personal and professional opportunities. Leading health and medical industry executives from all areas of expertise will discuss recent medical breakthroughs, medical research and medical technology. You will learn about recent innovations and techniques in modern medicine and how they have transformed the medical world and made all of our lives more enjoyable and fulfilling.


Energy and Environmental concerns are driving business to adapt in ways they never considered before. Join us as we discuss the potential of an energy independent USA and how business can profit and capitalize on new technology during this exciting time. Leading energy and environmental executives from emerging and traditional industries will discuss the impact of fracking, solar, wind and oil as well as what drives the energy markets. With energy being prominent in news, business, and our personal lives, tune in to the Competitive Edge to stay ahead of the game!

Economic Development

America is in a boom or bust economic cycle. Some cities have found the secret to attracting new business and growing jobs. Join us today as we discuss what drives economic success at the city management level. Some of the best city managers and developers will highlight the key considerations and decisions that make cities thrive. In this tough environment for new business and corporations, what are the surprising secrets to their competitive edge? Tune in and find out!