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The Competitive Edge gives straightforward information in a direct, usable, no-nonsense, news-oriented style. The Competitive Edge is all about real information, presented clearly and succinctly so that viewers can see for themselves how to integrate what they learn into their own individual needs and plans. More engaging than a business book or podcast, more relevant than a seminar or business course, more entertaining than the news, The Competitive Edge takes viewers directly to the leaders and influencers in the business world; and demonstrates first-hand, how these businesses achieve and sustain remarkable success.

Joe Namath - Host

Renowned not only for his incredible achievements in the physical, competitive world of professional football; but also, as stated by Hall of Fame coach Don Shula, "one of the three smartest quarterbacks of all time." Joe Namath raises the level of performance of those around him, and will do the same for any organization that listens to his winning strategies. Most recently, he was the March of Dimes' Walk America Honorary Chair from 1998-2007. He also holds a celebrity golf outing annually on Long Island, New York to benefit the March of Dimes.

"…I figured out that life is a team effort; it's a team game."

Kristy Villa - Host

Kristy Villa began her career in Miami, Florida 18 years ago. She was hired as a reporter for WSVN Channel 7, a Fox affiliate in Miami. She also worked at Fox 10 in Phoenix, Arizona, KPRC NBC 2 in Houston, Texas and WPLG ABC 10 in Miami, where she anchored their local morning show.
She also served as a medical representative for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, where she became educated on women's health issues. From there she became a specialist in women's health care, especially breast cancer. As a reporter and morning talk show host, she has interviewed hundreds of business owners from all over the world, gaining insight into their competitive strengths and winning philosophies.

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The following footage includes segments from HBO's excellent documentary titled "Namath" and clips from ESPN's recent series "Year of the Quarterback".